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Rod Grams
of Minnesota
"I know that you will represent the issues and concerns of Minnesota's small business community well" at the White House Conference on Small Business.   MORE
Senator Paul Wellstone
of Minnesota
"What a wonderful story you have to tell. Your commitment, expertise, and talent are very evident in the exciting work at Genesis."  MORE
Congressman Bill Luther
of Minnesota
"Thank you so much for being part of my 'You Can Do It! Smart Ideas for Small Business Success' seminar. It was great having so many businesses, groups and organizations participate. I hope you would be willing to participate again...."  MORE

now part of
Cardiac Science, Inc.
"An affiliate of the incubator program offered to provide us with soft tooling in exchange for a small amount of cash and some shares of our common stock. This helped us save $100,000 in cash at a very critical time. Further, the expertise of the vendor helped us to expedite the design process by months....We highly recommend [the Genesis incubator] to all high tech entrepreneurs that are just starting out."  MORE
Minnesota Technology, Inc. "Much has happened during the last nine years since Genesis Business Centers opened its doors....It's a pleasure to note that your first two incubator companies...(SurVivaLink and NT International) are each successful manufacturing companies with about 100 new employees between them."  MORE