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January 22, 1996

Mr. Harlan Jacobs      Genesis Business Center, LTD               3989 Central Avenue NE. Suite 630 Columbia Heights, MN  55421

Dear Harlan:

Thank you so much for setting up the meetings at Genesis Business Center last week.  I truly enjoyed meeting the small business owners and the entrepreneurs.  What a wonderful story you have to tell.  Your commitment, expertise, and talent are very evident in the exciting work at Genesis.  Thanks for sharing it with me.

I received your follow-up materials regarding expanding the use of IRAs for starting and expanding small businesses.  I know you have discussed this idea at some length with Brian Ahlberg of my policy staff.  I look forward to continuing to work with you on this proposal.

You may also know that we are assisting the Anoka Capitol Fund in their application for CDFI funds.  I have written a letter of support and will also be contacting Kirsten Moy at CDFI to let them know how enthusiastic I am about their work.

Again, thank you for setting aside time to help me understand your work with Genesis Business Center.

My best to you and the business owners.