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Genesis Business Centers, Ltd., announces several new programs to help high tech, start-up companies to gain fast track access to capital and those business development services that are critical to achieving success.

Genesis Transplant Program
The Genesis Transplant program is designed to match entrepreneurs from the Twin Cities with select communities that are located outside the seven county metro area in order to address the imbalance between the capital that exists out-state and the metro-area companies that need that capital for the funding of start-ups or the expansion of small, emerging high tech companies.
Genesis has identified certain communities that are willing to invest in suitable emerging companies now in consideration for a commitment from the companies to locate a sizable number of jobs in that community in the near future. The companies would be eligible to enter the Genesis incubator program here in the Twin Cities. Then, upon graduation, these companies would transfer certain jobs to the community out-state that provided the funding in the critical early phase.
Genesis enjoys good working relationships with a number of progressive communities and programs including: Bemidji, DesMoines Area Community College, ITEx, Grand Rapids, Mn, Iron Range Resource & Rehabilitation Board (IRRRB), LeCenter, MN, VIDC, Mankato, MN, and WBIC, Spooner, WI..
Metro Area Expansion
An incubator program has been maturating in Elk River, MN since 1998. An incubator was recently established in the city of St. Paul during the summer of 1999.
Genesis Portfolio Partners, LLC.
Genesis has established a subsidiary that functions as a portfolio holding company.  Investors may participate in a diversified portfolio of the Genesis incubator companies by investing in this entity.
Collaboration with The Minnesota Private Investor Enterprise
Genesis was a cofounder in 1994 of The Minnesota Private Investor Enterprise (MNPIE), an organization that helps the management teams from entrepreneurial companies to meet business angels in a cost-effective and user friendly manner. Mr. Brad Lehrman, the President of Portage Capital, Inc., a venture capital consulting firm, co-founded this entity.