Press Articles





Press Articles



"Growing Baby Businesses"  by Jonathan Maze Focus News, November 21, 1996, Vol 6 No 19

"Anoka Partnership Creates Jobs the Rational Way" by Dick Youngblood Star Tribune  April 17, 1996

"He Helps High-Tech Firms Get Started" by Dick Youngblood Star Tribune July 29, 1997

"Columbia Heights Firm Caters to Niche Market for Surgical Microscopes" by Dick Youngblood Star Tribune February 26, 1997

"Making the Most of Equity and Royalty Agreements"  by Nanette Kalis NBIA Review April 1997, Vol 13 No2

"County Aims to Help Business Succeed and Grow--At Home"  by Leonard Inskip  Star Tribune  August 19, 1997

"Spotlight on Success: The Anoka County Partnership"  Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Community Dividend  Summer 1997

"Emerging Tech Firms Benefit From Anoka Economic Development Effort" MINNESOTA'S BUSINESS, INK., September-October 1997

"The Anoka Incubator"  TWIN CITIES BUSINESS MONTHLY, November 1997

"A Good Way to Start?" by Elyse Mall  FORTUNE  July, 1998

"Business Incubators Have Supporters and Detractors" by Roger Yu  Star Tribune  June 30, 1999