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March 6, 2002

Mr. Harlan T. Jacobs
Genesis Business Centers, Ltd.
3989 Central Ave. NE
Columbia Heights, MN 55421

Dear Mr. Jacobs:

Much has happened during the last nine years since Genesis Business Centers opened its doors in Blaine, Minnesota. It's a pleasure to note that your first two incubator companies that started there (SurVivaLink and NT International) are each successful manufacturing companies with about 100 new employees between them.

We are equally hopeful that many others among the fifty or do companies that Genesis has helped to get started will likewise be as successful in terms of their creation of high wage jobs and the enhancement of the property tax base in their local communities.

The program that Genesis has developed in conjunction with the Anoka County Economic Development Partnership and it's affiliated Anoka Sherbune County Capital Fund has been very successful as a public sector/private sector collaboration providing seed capitol to high tech start up companies. We note that several other communities in Greater Minnesota including Morris and Stevens County are beginning to put together a comparable program.

This Anoka County Model is obviously of interest to the visiting Scottish Enterprise and Executive delegation. We are pleased to learn that they found their visit to your incubator to be of value, and we look forward to your presentation to this group on the 21st of March. We should discuss how this model can be promoted throughout Greater Minnesota where the shortage of seed capital is critical indeed.

Congratulations on the recent Tekne Award for technology transfer. We look forward to the 15 new high wage jobs that Peat Technologies Corporation will be creating in Aitkin, Minnesota. The work of Genesis to help get this company funded is certainly appreciated.

Your comments and suggestions are most welcome in respect of how MTI and Genesis can collaborate from time to time in furtherance of the economic development of Greater Minnesota.

/s/ Jaques Koppel, President